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Name:Aja 'Capricorn' Shepherd
Birthdate:May 14
Capricorn is a member of a team of highly trained, specialized elite fighters, assassins, demolitions experts, hackers, and more, the Zodiac Ops are named so because of the codenames each of its members carry.

She's the team's official pilot and a small-arms expert, she often jokes that this makes her the only T-Rex with a pilot's license. Her sense of humor leaves something to be desired, obviously, but she keeps at it.

Aja is a former gunrunner, former relief pilot, former a lot of things, some of which she regrets more than others. Most of the time she can joke about the things she's done, and make light of what she's experienced, even the things that she's not so proud of, especially those, some days. This is because she believes that all experiences are to be learned from, and especially the shameful ones, because they teach us to do better next time, whether in this life or the next.

She can fly basically anything you put her in the cockpit of, and she says that she even got a chance to sit in the cockpit of the UFO they're holding in Area 51, but it didn't have any power supply, so she couldn't fly it anywhere, but she's pretty sure she could figure it out if it did have one.

Her pet project is a vintage Sopwith Camel that she's re-fitting, the same way as classic car enthusiasts rebuild and remodel vintage cars, she's doing the same thing with a plane, she says it's got history, and she's named it Bette Joe, after Bette Page, and Joe Camel.

Aja is an original character for a game, I am not Sheetal Sheth who provides the face, mun, muse and PB are all over the age of 18
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